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Uno, Dos, Tres! - Upper Juniors (Ages 9-11)

  • Matched to the 2014 National Curriculum for Foreign Languages

  • 48 fully planned lessons with follow up activities

  • Easy-to-use and ideal for the non-specialist teacher

  • Combines Spanish language skills with literacy and cultural awareness

Aimed at school teachers in Primary KS2, this book supports learners as they gain in confidence, independence and proficiency in the Spanish language. It suggests practical ways to make Spanish oracy and literacy skills accessible and achievable, engaging children's interest by providing interactive songs, games, conversations and stories to encourage communication at all ability levels.It broadens children's horizons by offering bite-size chunks of factual information about Spain, its people, culture and lifestyle. By promoting links to other areas of the school curriculum and home experiences, it makes Spanish relevant to the children.Themes in the Lower Juniors book include: Myself, Storytelling, Songs and games, Celebrations, Sport, Money, Animals, The weather.

About the author

Eileen Jones began teaching in 1976, working in primary schools teaching children between 8 and 11. In 2000, she retired from front-line teaching to begin a new writing career that united her two great passions and skill sets: teaching language and teaching primary school children. Eileen is based in Warwickshire.

ISBN: 9781909860278