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Everyone A Writer Year 5 - A Multi-Sensory Approach To Improve Writing Skills

A brand new set of four books for Key Stage 2 children aiming to improve the confidence and skills necessary to become an independent and successful writer.This exciting series provides teachers with a range of fun and stimulating opportunities that will cater for the three core learning styles in their classroom: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

Key features in each book:

  • A learning style questionnaire to determine the type of learner

  • Individual lesson plans

  • Texts from a variety of genres

  • Activity pages covering the three different styles of learning

  • Differentiated scaffolds

  • A features of writing check list

Using the books, teachers will create a learning environment that is inclusive. Children can improve their confidence in writing through meaningful activities, engage with a text and achieve writing success through well planned and purposeful tasks.

Includes CD with texts and differentiated scaffolds

ISBN: 9781907515668