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Digital Literacy - Year 1

Digital Literacy - Year 1 offers accessible and comprehensive material to develop young learners’ digital literacy skills through a series of structured lessons in areas of computational thinking and programming, computer networks and creativity, as well as communication and collaboration.

The book is divided into 3 main units, each including up to 9 clear lesson plans with a list of resources, working sheets for the children and assessment guidance.

It is designed to follow a structured yet flexible approach to adapt to the requirements of the classroom and will support both the experienced and non-specialist teachers by providing step by step instructions and activity ideas based on whole class, group, paired and individual experiences, including elements of digital innovation and data understanding. A main aim of the book is to encourage the children to recognise the importance of online safety and digital identity.

Key points:

- Designed to complement the new Computing Curriculum

- Ideas for differentiations

- Web links, online resources and guidance on apps to use.

Author information

Neelam Parmar currently works as Director of E-Learning at Ashford School, United Learning Trusts. She was previously employed as The Director of Digital Learning across The London Preparatory Schools in Richmond, South West London. Neelam is based in Ashford, Kent.

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