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Cross Curricular Literacy Challenges Book 2 (Level 1-2):

Cross-curricular Literacy Challenges is a series of six books specifically targeted at developing cross, curricular work from levels 6 across the 5 age range. Each book contains challenges with differentiated ability choices.

Each challenge encourages the development of time management skills, thinking skills and independent research, which culminates in a specific end product such as a written report, a prepared presentation, a radio programme, or a short film or that helps show the literacy and cross-curricular learning that has taken place.

The books have links with the National Curriculum levels and Literacy Framework years 6 as a guide to teachers as to where they fit in the curriculum range.

The challenges work well with children across the 5-14 age range as they can be used with the children who are working at the particular levels regardless of the year that they are currently in.

Book 1 contains cross-curricular challenges on:

  • Our lunches

  • Materials

  • Different ways of communicating

  • Where we live

  • Looking at pictures

  • Looking after myself

  • Naming ceremonies.

Shelagh Moore is a trainer in business and education and Chris Allison is a teacher, language specialist and education consultant.

ISBN: 9781907515569