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ISBN: 9781904307228
Liz Ross-Elsden
Price: £24.00
Comprehension Book 3 (Year 5)

This series aims to develop children's inferential skills, encouraging them to 'read between the lines' and then use this information constructively for a particular purpose.

The Comprehension books will increase knowledge and understanding using a wealth of differentiated activities, that are designed to be fun as well as purposeful.

Many of the activities are cross curricular, taking in aspects of science, history and geography, for example. Other activities are centred around the interests of children, and topics such as magic, aliens, wizards and dragons are included.

Each activity has accompanying teacher notes and are designed to be used with a child and adult working together - the adult reading and sharing the text with the child and acting as facilitator where necessary.

  • Beautifully illustrated worksheets
  • Fiction and non-fiction activities can be 'dipped into' as and when required 
  • Activities can be also used to plan a more comprehensive programme of work.
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